Research Center for the Foundations of Modern Thought

in collaboration with

The Romanian Cultural Institute
Princeton University
New Europe College, Bucharest

2008 FME Summer Seminar in early modern philosophy

What is Early Modern Philosophy?

July 28-August 3, 2008

Mălâncrav Manor, in Transylvania

Keynote speakers:

Vlad Alexadrescu, University of Bucharest
Daniel Garber, Princeton University
Dana Jalobeanu, Vasile Goldis University, Arad
Geert Van Paemel, University of Leuven, Blegium
Horia-Roman Patapievici, Romanian Cultural Institute

The FME seminar in modern philosophy is an international meeting of scholars interested in various aspects of early modern thought. The aim of the seminar is to create an interesting environment for discussing papers and ideas. It includes workshops in the morning and presentations of papers in the afternoon, trying to maintain a balance between a high academic level and the informal spirit of an academia.

The seminar is opened to all subjects in early modern philosophy. We welcome applications from graduate students. Please send an abstract of 2 pages and a curriculum vitae to the organizers at and until May 31.